Low rent program

Householder: Provides accommodation and set a reasonable low-rent for the Homesharer. In exchange, Householder will receive 5-6 hours of help per week  + low-rent set.

Homesharer: Provides 5-6 hours help per week to the householder and pays a low rent for accommodation. In exchange, Homesharer will be able to use a spare room in owner’s house or householder for a low-rent price.

Low-rent accommodation must be set by householder and agreed with the homesharer before moving in. Besides, Householder must think in advance what kind of help is going to need and how this help will be spread in time along the week. These duties must be agreed before homesharer moves into owner’s house.

It is recommended that before moving in, Householder and homesharer sign up the “Voluntary Homesharing Agreement Model” in order to specify clearly their competences.

Homesharer programs support older people and others to live independently, whilst helping younger people and others to access accommodation as they study or build a career Householders are people who have a home that they are willing to share but are in need of some help and support.

Householders must have a home or property that they own or rent and which is suitable to accommodate another person. Both parties must be willing and able to commit to the arrangement for an agreed length of time, although this commitment is not binding.

Homesharers are people who need accommodation and who are willing to give some help.

Prudent matching of both groups gives the Householder the help and security they require and the Homesharer the home they seek, both at reasonable cost.

It is important to empathize that Homesharer programs are not home care job programs, but collaboration agreement where Householder and Homesharer exchange what they can offer to each other.

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